Anthony Duignan-Cabrera, or ADC, is a digital media executive, consultant and principal with ADC Strategy. He has a proven record of working with media organizations to identify and sharpen their editorial vision and reach their audience engagement and revenue goals. He partners with management, ad sales and product teams to create the platform, content, advertising, social media and hiring strategies needed to help news, corporate communications and content marketers achieve their objectives.  

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Sue Wiltz, Director of Content, Angie's List

“ADC brought his understanding of how and where digital content and social media intersect to the Angie's List Newsroom and he did so with a lot of wit and wisdom. His insights and recommendations, coming at a pivotal point in our legacy-to-digital transformation, were invaluable in helping us to reevaluate how our newsroom was organized and identify important skills we still needed to hone and what we needed to test various editorial initiatives.”

Aleksander Korab, Editor in Chief, Metro US

“ADC came to Metro during a time of great transition. Getting into the trenches and working alongside out team, he helped us redeploy the newsroom, reshaping the editorial team, and the editorial workflow, to move the Metro newspapers closer to digital first.”

Kim Santo, General Manager, Vandewater Media

“Anthony came in to lead the editorial charge of a start up news brand we were building—News in Brief. He defined the editorial voice and brand identity and staffed a top notch editorial team. He also worked closely with product to define the CMS functionality and was a great partner on the website design. Anthony is the type of person where no task is too big or small. He jumps right in and helps the team wherever there is a need.”